As part of our desire to maintain an attractive, healthy, and young looking appearance, an increasing number of people are undergoing various types of cosmetic surgery procedures. Once something only the rich and famous could afford, procedures such as facelifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation have become mainstream, with price tags that are well within any budget. Freestanding surgical centers and day spas have sprouted up in office buildings and strip malls throughout Florida, and many procedures can now be done over a lunch hour, requiring little down time or recuperation. Unfortunately, easy availability and the ease which procedures can be done often cause people to underestimate the potential risks involved. Cosmetic surgery mistakes and complications can result in serious and even life threatening harm, and as with any surgery, it is important to understand the potential risks you could be facing before having this type of work done.

Shopping Around For A Doctor

According to statistics from the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), close to 20 million people underwent cosmetic surgery procedures in 2015, spending more than $13.5 billion. Surgical procedures, such as liposuction, breast lifts, and eyelid surgeries, saw an increase of nearly 20 over the previous year, while non-surgical procedures, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and Botox injections, were up by an astounding 44 percent.

According to the ASAPS, more than half of these procedures are done in office facilities, as opposed to hospitals or surgical centers. While price may be a factor, it is more important when shopping around to ensure your doctor has the proper licensing and to check their patient reviews. A lack of education or credentials and a history of patient mistakes are a warning sign.

Cosmetic Surgery Complications

Any type of procedure can carry certain risks, and it is important to make your doctor aware of any health conditions you have or any medications you are taking before surgery. According to the Mayo Clinic, your doctor should thoroughly review the various types of risks you may be facing, as well as risk factors that could present problems, such as smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Potential complications associated with cosmetic surgery procedures include:

  • Anesthesia-related complications, such as blood clots in the lungs, pneumonia, and accidental death;
  • Infection at the surgery site that can result in illness, scarring, and the need for repeat surgeries;
  • Fluid buildup under the skin that can result in bruising and uneven appearance;
  • Bleeding, which can immediate emergency care and blood transfusions; and
  • Scarring, skin breakdown, and nerve damage resulting in numbness and tingling.

While non-surgical procedures, such as Botox and microdermabrasion, are relatively safer than more invasive procedures, they still carry risks in terms of overall skin appearance, scarring, and nerve damage.

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