Baby powder is one of those products found in homes both with and without children. People of all ages use it to stay cool, dry, and fresh, and the very smell and feel of it carries strong associations with childhood and home. Unfortunately, recent news reports indicate risks of serious and potentially life threatening cancers affecting women being associated with the use of talcum powder, and increased numbers of women are coming forward with personal injury and product liability lawsuits against the manufacturer. If you or someone you care about uses this product, the following is important information concerning the lawsuits being filed, as well as the health risks you may be facing.

Lawsuits Against Johnson and Johnson

According to a May 2016 article in the New York Times, increasing numbers of women are filing lawsuits against baby and home health product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, claiming the company was aware of potential cancer risks associated with their baby powder as early as 1971, yet failed to warn consumers of the risks. Since that time, additional research has pointed conclusively to evidence showing a link between the use of the power and increased risks for ovarian cancer. As of this year, more than 1,000 women have filed suit against the company, with thousands more expected to file lawsuits in the coming years. While Johnson & Johnson continues to claim its product is safe, juries have awarded two multimillion dollar settlements thus far:

  • An ovarian cancer survivor was awarded $55 million in compensatory damages earlier in May;
  • A $72 million punitive damage award was made to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer before a verdict was reached in her case.

Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder Use

According to the New York Times report, cancer researchers officially declared talc as a known carcinogen in 2006, particularly when it is used in powder form by women in their genital region. Women who use talcum powder in this manner are as much as 25 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer, and are now being advised to switch to using cornstarch powders to reduce their cancer risks.

If you are a woman who has used talcum powder in the genital region on a regular basis, it is important not only to speak to your doctor about ovarian cancer, but also to be aware of the symptoms of this dangerous and potentially fatal disease. According to the American Cancer Society, symptoms of ovarian cancer often go unnoticed, which can allow it to spread to other areas. Symptoms to make your doctor aware of include the following:

  • Bloating, cramping, and pain in the abdominal region;
  • Excessive fatigue and stomach problems;
  • Menstrual fluctuation and chronic back pain;
  • Constipation, as well as urinary problems;
  • Pain during intercourse.

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