Summer in the Sunshine State brings a flood of tourists drawn to the many attractions available throughout the Florida area. Between amusement parks, beaches, and recreation opportunities such as boating and hiking, our area is a hot spot for visitors both throughout the United States as well as throughout the world. With an increased number of people crowding our roads and sidewalks, many of whom are unfamiliar with the area, there is an increased chance for  pedestrian accidents and injuries. The following describes those most commonly injured in pedestrian accidents, as well as ways in which you can help prevent and accident from occurring.

People Most At Risk For Pedestrian Accidents

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to 5,000 people are killed each year in pedestrian accidents, while thousands of other suffer severe and potentially disabling injuries. Among those involved in these types of accident, the CDC lists three groups most likely to be at risk:

  • Children: The CDC reports that in terms of traffic accident fatalities, roughly one out of every five children who were fatally injured were pedestrians.
  • Older adults: One out of every 10 people injured in a pedestrian accident is over the age of 65, and older adults are among those most at risk for suffering fatal injuries in a pedestrian accident.
  • People under the influence of alcohol: Alcohol is a factor in nearly half of all fatal pedestrian accidents, and in roughly 35 percent of these cases, the victim’s blood alcohol content registered at or above the legal limit.

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

Florida has one of the highest rates for pedestrian accidents in the country, and among these types of accidents that occur within the state, the Florida Department of Transportation reports that Orange County is ranked third in terms of pedestrian fatalities, and fifth in terms of overall pedestrian injuries. The CDC recommends the following steps to help protect yourself and those you care about from pedestrian accidents and injuries:

  • Always use designated crosswalks, and when driving, allow adequate time for pedestrians, particularly older adults, to cross.
  • Always use a sidewalk. If one is not available, walk on the far right side, facing traffic.
  • If walking at night, wear bright colors to increase visibility.
  • Avoid distractions when walking such as texting or using ear buds.
  • Be sure to avoid overindulging in alcohol, and take a cab or have a friend drive you home, instead of walking or driving.

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