Lifestyle Lift Settles Claims Filed Against It By Florida Attorney General

On June 17, 2013, Florida attorney General, Pam Bondi, announced that the Florida Office of the Attorney General has reached a settlement with the “plastic surgery center” company Lifestyle Lift Holding, Inc.  This company claims to provide “facial rejuvenation services” to the public of several states, not just Florida. The settlement followed the Attorney General’s investigation of allegations surrounding the accuracy and fairness of the claims made on Lifestyle Lifts’ website, and in its products to consumers in Florida.


Specifically, Lifestyle Lift has agreed to change its marketing materials and practices to eliminate any possible consumer confusion about its services.  Moreover, Lifestyle Lift must now disclose any compensation made to the models used in its advertisements, disclose what “facial rejuvenation” services were performed, and must comply with Federal trade commission guidelines concerning the use of before and after photographs of models in endorsements and testimonials in marketing materials. Lifestyle Lift also agreed not to use the term “revolutionary procedure” in its advertising any longer.


Florida consumers who purchased services between June 1, 2009, and June 10, 2013, may be entitled to obtain a full refund.  In order to qualify for a refund an individual who obtained services during the above stated time period must submit their eligibility request form no later than September 8, 2013.  The link for a copy of the Florida Attorney General’s opinion, as well as a copy of the claim form, can be found at the following:

NOTE:  Any request for refunds will be submitted to a special board at Lifestyle Lift which will review your individual scenario, and may deny your claim.  However, if a refund is granted by Lifestyle Lift, in order to receive refund you will be simultaneously releasing any claim that you may have against Lifestyle Lift, or its doctors, for an unsatisfactory result.  In addition, you will not be permitted to recover for any loss wages, pain and suffering, or the cost of having a new procedure performed with a qualified plastic surgeon.




If you had a procedure performed at Lifestyle Lift, and are unhappy with it, please call us to have your case reviewed.  You may have a valid medical malpractice claim against Lifestyle Lift where you could be entitled to not just a refund, but also any lost wages in the past or future, the cost of any future medical procedures, and money for pain and suffering.  At Hogan Frick we can request your records and investigate your claim…it may turn out that the physician who performed your facelift, or performed your “revolutionary procedure” at Lifestyle Lift, was not even properly trained to perform plastic surgery.


At Hogan Frick, we are experienced at handling all types of medical malpractice lawsuits, including plastic surgery cases, and our attorneys would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation and review of your case.