GavelMany people have difficulty deciding whether or not to hire a personal injury attorney after they have suffered an injury.  Our legal system dictates that when injuries are caused by another individual’s negligence, the injured victim has the right to recover damages from the party responsible.  The negligent party is also required to restore the injured person to his or her former condition.  Damages that may be recovered can include: loss of past and/or future wages, medical expenses incurred in the past and/or medical expenses that may be incurred in the future, pain and suffering in the past and/or future, and more.

Professional Guidance in a Time of Need

It is wise for those who are injured to seek advice from a personal injury lawyer, qualified to understand the confusing legal details and options available in each individual case.  Statistics show that recoveries are much greater in personal injury cases where experienced attorneys provide representation.  Injuries can also be emotionally and physically taxing on injured victims at time of distress, when insurance companies try to use this to their advantage.
Insurance adjusters may feel badly for the injured victim, but they’re trained to offer as low a settlement amount as possible for injuries – and they’re experts at doing so.  It’s important to seek legal advice and to never speak with an insurance adjuster without contacting an experienced personal injury attorney first.  The attorneys at Hogan Frick take pride in fighting aggressively for our clients – giving you the best possibility of receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What You Must Do After an Accident

There are certain actions you need to take, and others you must not after an injury caused by another.  Your claim can be derailed if you make the wrong moves.

  1. 1.      Get Medical Treatment

Even if your injury seems minimal, it’s important to get medical care immediately.  Get to the hospital or your doctor right away to have your injuries evaluated and treated.

  1. 2.      Discussing the Accident

It is important that you don’t discuss the accident.  If a law enforcement officer is involved, recite the facts about the incident as accurately and politely as possible, but do not admit fault – even if is not immediately obvious, it might have been the other party’s actions that caused the accident.

  1. 3.      Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Get legal assistance as early as possible after you are involved in an accident.  At our firm, our legal professionals make sure that every detail of your case is managed appropriately, with your best interests at heart. We handle all legal issues in seeking compensation for damages, so you aren’t troubled with confusing legal matters.

  1. 4.      Don’t Talk to an Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies, even your own, are interested in paying the lowest possible amount in injury cases.  Allow our firm to discuss the case with insurance adjusters so you don’t make inadvertent errors that could negatively impact your case.

  1. 5.      Medical Records

If an insurance company is asking for access to your medical records, let your personal injury attorneys manage this process. This process needs to be managed properly to seek to most favorable outcome with your claim.  We are experienced in protecting your rights and fighting for the best possible recovery for you and your family.