Pokemon Go is the latest craze to catch the nation’s attention. Throughout Florida and across the country, Smartphone users can be seen walking around neighborhoods, parks, shopping malls, and other public settings, staring intently at their screens while attempting to gain points by catching Pokemon monsters. While the game has been heralded as a means of getting otherwise stationary video gamers out walking, increasing reports of accidents and injuries have begun pouring in. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists using Pokemon Go can easily become distracted from what they are doing and their surroundings, resulting in accidents that can be serious and potentially life threatening.

Pokeman Go Gaining In Popularity

A July 2016 Washington Post news story reports on the huge success and popularity that Pokeman Go is currently enjoying among Smartphone users. The application, available as a free download through the Google Play App store, offers gamers the chance to accumulate points by capturing virtual reality ‘monsters’ through their phone’s camera screen. The app gathers information on your geographic location, then displays the Pokemon creatures in an unlimited number of public settings, encouraging users to get out of their homes and walk around in order to play and accumulate the most points. When out catching Pokemon, multiple players can get involved, all of which are capable of seeing and catching the exact same creature at the same time. To date, the game has been downloaded by more 100,000 users, and is heralded as being one of the most successful innovations to bring virtual reality technology into the hands of everyday users.

Pokemon Go Injuries

Unfortunately, with the increasing number of people out playing Pokemon Go, there has been many reports of injuries and accidents that occur during play. In Florida, a July 29, 2016 Fox 53 Orlando news report detailed an accident involving a teenager who was the victim of a hit and run driver after crossing the street in an effort to capture a Pokemon monster, and there are increasing reports of accidents involving bicyclists and motorists who were playing while driving in an effort to accumulate more points. To prevent accident and injuries during play, gamers are advised to take the following precautions:

  • Never engage in any activity that distracts your attention when behind the wheel of a bike or automobile;
  • When walking, be aware of your surroundings at all time, and stop playing when crossing streets or intersections;
  • Be mindful of potential obstacles that could occur on your path, such as uneven sidewalks;
  • Use extreme caution when playing at night, which could increase your risk of injury.

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