We value the services of our medical professionals – they’re necessary in our society. However, medical professionals are sometimes negligent while providing care to their patients. Oftentimes, medical negligence results in the most tragic and life changing injuries. We respect physicians and other medical professionals, but we also believe that they should be held responsible and accountable for their errors.

When medical negligence happens, it can be devastating to patients and their loved ones. Despite this, legislatures have enacted laws in Florida which give special treatment to negligent health care professionals. These are laws which any other citizen of this state is not entitled to if they act negligently. These special laws provide shorter timeframes to the injured party to take action then in other types of claims. The laws also provide strict guidelines which must be followed by an injured party before they are permitted to file a lawsuit. If these guidelines are not followed to the letter, an injured party risks having their entire claim dismissed, no matter how negligent the health care professional was, and no matter how badly the plaintiff was injured.


Realities of Medical Malpractice Claims

Insurance companies are in business to protect their bottom line. They know how to delay, frustrate and run up the cost on a victim’s claim. They are also aware of the high cost of litigating medical malpractice cases, and the unwillingness of many plaintiff’s lawyers to take on one of these costly cases.

Due to these factors, it is imperative that injured victims contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer immediately to have their case evaluated. The attorneys at Hogan Frick have reviewed, evaluated and handled hundreds of medical malpractice actions. They have the experience and knowledge to review your claim, and the resources to pursue it to trial if that is what the case calls for. Call us today to speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer, and let us help you determine the best course of action.